By Lisa Quattrocchi


Garibaldi Park Management Plan Draft Amendments

In early January, the FMCBC submitted these comments:
Additionally, the committee plans to send an example of an avoidance protocol to reduce user conflicts, should heli-skiing be allowed to continue in the park.

Mount Sproat Mountain Biking

A mixed use trail is being considered up Sproat, near Whistler. Concerns need to be addressed about mountain biking in sensitive alpine zones, as well as hikers on trails bikers use for descent. Directional trails should be considered, and mountain bikers need to have a plan for how they will protect the alpine.

Rainbow Lake/21 Mile Non-motorized Zone

Last year, a user survey was created to track use in this area, and data collected so far this year indicates that sledding continues in the non-motorized zone; the committee is considering strategies to combat this problem.

The user survey can be found here:

Roe Creek Snowmobile Management Agreement

Powder Mountain Cat-Skiing has proposed a shared use trail up the Roe Creek mainline which would be fee-for-use for snowmobiles. This trail will not be implemented this year, but will open up further regions for sledders.  The committee will propose that the Chance Creek Road to Tricouni and Cloudburst be non-motorized, as prior to Powder Mountain Cat-Skiing, sleds could not access this area via Roe Creek.

Golden Ears Provincial Park Draft Management Plan

Committee members will be reviewing the draft plan and sharing their concerns. As the deadline for comments is February 15, a response will be drafted via email based on this feedback, as well as input from people who are more familiar with Golden Ears Provincial Park.

Cypress Provincial Park

For the past two years, Cypress has not marked the backcountry trails outside of the commercial recreation area. They have done this in the past, so a letter has been written to Parks. The committee will wait for a response then decide on a course of action.

Coquihalla Parking

Signs have been posted at the Coquihalla Rest Area stating that people should limit their stay to one hour; the committee will draft a letter addressing the fact that many people park here to access the backcountry and a one hour limit is not realistic.