BC Parks Foundation works with Tahltan and other parties to create BC’s newest Conservancy

A new 3500 hectare conservancy to protect the environment and wildlife in Tahltan territory has been created in an area of northwestern B.C. historically known as the Ice Mountain Lands, adjacent to Mount Edziza Provincial Park. The BC Parks Foundation worked in partnership with Tahltan Central Government, the Province of BC, Skeena Resources Limited, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada to create the Edziza Conservancy. "Mount Edziza and [...]

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November 2010 progress report

The 400 meter boardwalk will enable access to the Ancient Forest for visitors in wheelchairs and others with mobility or mental challenges - as well all others who wish to use the boardwalk. Various agencies in Prince George with clients who will benefit from the access the boardwalk will provide are: Prince George Brain Injured Group, AiMHi Community Living Association, B.C. Paraplegic Association and Canadian Mental Health Association. [...]

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Ancient Forest Trail

The Ancient Forest Trail Universal Boardwalk was completed in the summer of 2013, thanks to the effort, enthusiasm and heart of dozens of volunteers from the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club and Friends of the Ancient Forest. More than 5,000 volunteer hours went into the project, transporting lumber by hand (40,000 board feet or 55 tons), hauling gravel, rocks and cinder blocks (9 tons) and of course a whole [...]

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July 4, 2011 progress report

Caledonia Ramblers volunteers began Phase 2 of the Universal Boardwalk with Day #18 on June 17th with the intention of extending the existing 50 meters of completed boardwalk to 330 meters before winter. The momentum to complete this project is continuing to build with about $12,000 of financial and In Kind help so far this year, and a partnership with the Katimavik organisation which will provide volunteer labour [...]

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August 6, 2012 progress report

So far this year, the Ramblers and Friends have made 32 trips to work on completing the Universal Boardwalk this year. These 32 trips have generated 1090 hours of volunteer labour ( 3316 total hours to date) and over 10,000 kilometres travelled between May 10th and August 3rd (32,000 kilometres in total to date). Work began as the last of the snow melted: moving lumber further into the [...]

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