21 Mile Creek motorized use monitoring

The Province is working with the Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club, ACC Whistler, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, and the FMCBC to improve compliance with the 21 Mile Creek Non–Motorized Area. A number of additional measures have been put into place this year to reduce non-compliance. The Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club is publicly supporting the non-motorized designation and is asking that all snowmobilers respect the closure. They have installed additional boundary [...]

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BC Parks response to snowmobiles in Strathcona Park

The following letter is from Andy Smith, Strathcona Area Supervisor for BC Parks, West Coast Region: January 21, 2016 FMCBC Members, RE: Unauthorized Use of Snowmobiles in Strathcona Provincial Park This is a long standing issue that we have had to deal with for many years and at one point, spending thousands and thousands of dollars each year, along with considerable time, flying and patrolling the park to [...]

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Off-road Vehicles: Licensing and Registration

The ORV Coalition has worked for many years towards a provincial licensing, registration and management program for off-road vehicles (ORVs). The FMCBC strongly supports these efforts and is on the coalition's consultation list. British Columbia lags the rest of Canada and the United States in ORV management. Without licensing, irresponsible dirt bikers, ATV and snowmobile drivers can damage the environment and harass other backcountry users without being identifiable [...]

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Off-road Vehicles: Infractions and User Conflicts

To report infractions by off-road vehicles (ORVs: ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, etc.) go to the Bivouac website and log your report there. To do this you will need to create a login and password. Once you are logged in to the Bivouac site you can add your report under Index/Campaigns. You can also send an email to Robin Tivy who runs the Bivouac website/database and initiated the reporting [...]

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21 Mile Creek Watershed Snowmobiling

The Rainbow Mountain Wildland Area, including 21 Mile Creek, is designated a non-motorized recreation area in the Sea-to-Sky LRMP. Ski and snowshoe access to the area is usually via the Hanging Lake route from Callaghan Valley or the 21 Mile Creek trail. Despite the non-motorized designation, there are still many snowmobilers recreating in the area. The FMCBC sent a letter to the BC government in October 2009, asking [...]

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