Cypress Provincial Park – FMCBC calls for improved visitor signage and information

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Cypress Provincial Park is a popular winter destination for snowshoers, hikers and backcountry skiers from Greater Vancouver. Park visitors wishing to access the winter trails and backcountry areas of Cypress Provincial Park are required to travel on a corridor through the controlled recreation area (CRA), which is operated by Cypress Mountain Resorts (Cypress Mountain) under a […]

Highlights from the Forestry in BC’s Recreation Areas Conference

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Last month, a group of 28 people representing nearly as many recreation and tourism organizations met in West Kelowna for the Forestry in BC’s Recreation Areas Conference. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the impact that current forestry practices are having on various recreational users. FMCBC President Bob St. John, PTAB Representative Andrew Drouin, […]

BC Parks approves ski resort policy

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After more than a year and a half of consultations, drafts, reviews and deliberations, BC Parks has approved its Ski Resort Policy for Cypress, Seymour and Manning Parks – the three resorts in BC located within the provincial parks system. Development of the Ski Resort Policy was undertaken to provide guidance on aspects of ski resort and […]

Opposing the Jumbo Glacier Resort

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The FMCBC submitted a letter today to Premier Christy Clark and several ministers urging the government to deny renewal of Jumbo Glacier Resort’s environmental assessment certificate and to dissolve the Jumbo Resort Municipality. Many of those who are opposed to the resort are concerned about wildlife conservation and legal issues surrounding the proposed resort.  The […]