Cypress Provincial Park Access Issues

On November 9, 2017, the day before Cypress Mountain opened for the season, the FMCBC received written confirmation from BC Parks stating that the public can now cross the Backcountry Access Corridor before 9 am. Users are still required to have a backcountry access tag/waiver to pass through the BAC, but Cypress Resort, as instructed by BC Parks, will no longer prevent public access through the BAC beginning [...]

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Update on the Cypress BAC conflict (as of July 20th)

From our Executive Director, Barry Janyk:   Over the past three weeks, a number of FMCBC representatives and member clubs have met individually and/or as a group with BC Parks and Cypress Mountain reps, following up on the December 20th meeting and trying to resolve the longstanding backcountry access corridor (BAC) dispute in Cypress Provincial Park. There are a few key issues here. BC Parks (BCP) and Cypress [...]

Cypress Provincial Park – FMCBC calls for improved visitor signage and information

Improved signage of the backcountry corridor (Feb. 25, 2017) Cypress Provincial Park is a popular winter destination for snowshoers, hikers and backcountry skiers from Greater Vancouver. Park visitors wishing to access the winter trails and backcountry areas of Cypress Provincial Park are required to travel on a corridor through the controlled recreation area (CRA), which is operated by Cypress Mountain Resorts (Cypress Mountain) under a Park Use [...]

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Working towards improved access for all at Cypress and Seymour Provincial Parks

A photo depicting the signage at Cypress' (old) Black Mountain Lodge Brown Bag Room. All backcountry users are mandated to carry a yellow Backcountry Access tag/waiver, which gives them Legal Visitor status and enables them to cross the CRA (although it says in the small print on the tag that they should carefully avoid colliding with any snowboarders!) Photo credit: Alex Wallace Parking capacity at Mt. [...]

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Update on the parking situation at Cypress and Mt. Seymour

Backcountry skiers at Cypress Although not such an issue this year with the lack of snow on the south coast, our Recreation and Conservation Committee sent in a letter today to Vicki Haberl, BC Parks Planning Section Head for the South Coast Region, in response to BC Parks' Discussion Paper on Parking Capacity as it relates to the private ski hill operations in Mt Seymour and [...]

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