Resources for backcountry recreation groups during COVID-19

Are you an outdoor recreation or backcountry group that’s seeking resources to transition during different reopening phases of COVID-19? The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC has put together some tips, guides, and protocols that include best practices from outdoor member clubs and have been collaboratively built based on recommendations from health professionals and outdoor recreation organizations: Recommended actions to stay safe while restarting group hikes, backcountry [...]

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South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park Planning

The FMCBC submitted comments to BC Parks on the draft plan for the South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park that was released in April 2014. Editor's note: The original version of the article located at this page generated significant negative reaction in the mountain biking community. We apologize for any inadvertent offense we may have caused due to the wording of the piece. This page has been updated and [...]

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Garibaldi Management Plan Amendment

BC Parks is currently working on a management plan amendment for Garibaldi Provincial Park, specifically for the Spearhead/Fitzsimmons area. This process was at least partially initiated due to the Spearhead Hut proposal. In March, 2012 the FMCBC submitted comments during the initial stakeholder phase. Once the draft management plan amendment was released in November, 2012 the FMCBC submitted further comments and also submitted a letter specifically addressing the [...]

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Mount Robson Park Management Plan

The Ministry of Environment revised the Mount Robson Park Management Plan and asked for public comments on the new draft plan. The revised draft Management Plan and maps are available here. The FMCBC was concerned about the proposed zoning changes, the possible construction of more permanent facilities in addition to the presently planned one 'fixed roof accommodation' lodge, and an increase in helicopter traffic. The FMCBC sent a [...]

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Garibaldi Provincial Park Management Plan Amendments

  Letter Sent to Jennie Aikman, Regional Planner BC Parks PO Box 3010 Cultus Lake, BC, V2R 5H6 Phone: (604) 824-2316 Fax: (604) 858-4905 Email:  2013-01-08 Introduction Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC (FMCBC) – SW Region Recreation and Conservation Committee members have reviewed the recent report from BC Parks: DRAFT Management Plan Amendment for the Spearhead Area - Garibaldi Park. We have prepared the following comments [...]

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