HSCT 2015 Update

The Howe Sound Crest Trail project is progressing satisfactorily and the trail is increasingly popular. This can have its drawbacks due to the constant interruptions to machine work, and in 2015 it is hoped to get the trail crew started early. However there are already signs that this lack of snowpack may also have the effect of closing the backcountry if a fire season closure is declared early [...]

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HSCT 2014 Update

The Howe Sound Crest Trail project has progressed to the point where a lot of difficult rock work is being done as it approaches St Marks. We hope to get more of this awkward section completed in 2014, possibly with some high-elevation work out towards Magnesia Meadows cleared from a camp this summer, dependent on BC Parks staffing and budget. As noted in our other reports, we originally [...]

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Howe Sound Crest Trail

Rehabilitating the Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) is a legacy project from the 2010 Winter Olympics when funding was first obtained through VANOC to begin upgrading the trail. Since that time the FMCBC has worked with BC Parks on both planning and fundraising for the project. Some of the main benefits of rehabilitating the trail include: Improving access to the backcountry for all levels of user- Improving the [...]

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HSCT 2013 Update

The first section of the Howe Sound Crest Trail has now reached completion, and the crew and machinery has completed a section on the approach to St. Marks, past the new bridges that we installed at Strachan Meadows, with the bad switchbacks ahead due to be decommissioned and replaced. However we now are told that the $450,000 that FMCBC and Friends of Cypress raised from VANOC and the [...]

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HSCT 2012 Update

The first section of the Howe Sound Crest Trail has now neared completion, and we did get a small crew and machinery as far the new bridges that we installed at Strachan Meadows in order to reinforce them with rock just before the snow fell in November. In fact we were within a few hours of having the machinery stuck as there had been several machinery and weather [...]

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