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After opening to rave reviews in 2013, the builders and volunteers who constructed the Ancient Forest Trail — an interpretive trail near Prince George that winds through some of the province’s oldest temperate inland rainforest — determined that the plank pathway needed to be widened to allow visitors to pass freely and safely while walking and enjoying the forest. The FMCBC awarded the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club Society  a member club grant to widen the pathway from 18 inches to 36 by adding two additional planks.

“The major challenge was carrying over 60 tons of lumber and foundation stones up to 300 meters into the forest by hand,” said Caledonia Ramblers President Norwell Senior. “Despite hot weather, cool wet days, hot-cold stormy days with flashing lightning accompanied by hailstones as large as marbles, and the usual rainforest hosts of black flies, mosquitoes, and hornets to keep the volunteers on the move — it was a wonder anyone would keep coming out to help, but one shouldn’t really be surprised — these are not ordinary volunteers, they’re the Caledonia Ramblers!”

Norwell Senior and his enthusiastic crew hope to put the finishing touches on the project by the end of 2015. More information can be found on their website and Facebook page.