The proposed resort at Brohm Ridge in Squamish encompasses 25 ski lifts, two golf courses and 5,739 housing units.

The GAS project has been brought forward by the proponent again and the FMCBC submitted comments in January 2014 and again in June 2015.


The FMCBC met with the project proponent in 2008 and sent comments on recreation impacts to the Environmental Assessment Office during the public comment period. The FMCBC has major concerns about the proposed development, including the following:

  • Displacement of snowmobilers from their traditional territory on Brohm Ridge. This will increase the likelihood of snowmobiling in the remaining very small non-motorized areas in the Sea-to-Sky corridor or in Garibaldi Provincial Park.
  • Increase in out-of-bounds skiers in Garibaldi Provincial Park due to the proximity of the resort area.
  • Long-term threats to the park due to expansion of the resort into Garibaldi Provincial Park.

The Environmental Assessment Office referred its final report to Environment Minister Barry Penner and Tourism Minister Kevin Krueger in May 2010. The FMCBC sent a letter to the two Ministers, urging them to not allow the resort project to proceed because of its significant negative impacts on the environment, Garibaldi Provincial Park and backcountry recreation.

The status of the resort application and all correspondence are available here. If this link is broken it is because it has been moved by the Environmental Assessment Office. Visit their site directly for more information.