On June 24, 2021, the FMCBC’s Smoke Bluffs Committee submitted a report to the FMCBC Board on the consultations undertaken with the climbing community about the plans of the District of Squamish to formally designate the Smoke Bluffs Park and a potential transfer of the FMCBC land to the District for inclusion in the park. Given the questions and concerns raised at the consultation sessions, the Committee determined it was premature to make final recommendations to the Board about the FMCBC land and outlined a series of recommendations, all of which were accepted by the FMCBC Board.

Further to the Committee’s recommendations, each club that is a party to the 1988 Memorandum of Agreement with the Federation (i.e., BC Mountaineering Club, Alpine Club of Canada – Vancouver Section, Squamish Access Society in place of the Squamish Rock Climbers Association and Varsity Outdoors Club – UBC) has been invited to appoint a member to a reconstituted Smoke Bluffs Committee. We anticipate that the first meeting of the reconstituted FMCBC Smoke Bluffs Committee will be scheduled within the next several weeks. Among the tasks of the reconstituted committee will be developing a workplan for any further research and investigations needed to evaluate the options for the FMCBC land in relation to the Smoke Bluffs Park. As their work progresses, there will be updates to our members and the climbing community.