FMCBC submits budget recommendations for BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails BC

The FMCBC requested increased funding and staff for BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC) via a budget submission report to the Province of BC in June. The BC Government, through the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, sought views of British Columbians on their priorities for the next provincial 2021-2022 budget. View the full report here to learn more. Thank you to [...]

Expect the unexpected

Contributed by Mike Nash of the Caledonia Ramblers. Expect the unexpected This has been year of adventures for me, including a near disaster on the Bowron Lakes that I discussed in an article, "Accidents rarely have a single cause." As well as multiple causes, some other factors to keep in mind are: 2) the greatest risk that we face in our outdoor adventures is likely to be on [...]

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Batchelor Cabin in Tetrahedron Provincial Park

Thanks to Natasha Gellatly of the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club for the following text and photos:   It’s been 30 years since the building of the four backcountry cabins and trails, in what would later become Tetrahedron Provincial Park, and the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club has been busy over the last decade making very necessary repairs and upgrades. About 7 years ago, the TOC started its “cabin steward” program and [...]

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Member clubs respond to the wildfires

As of the time of writing (July 20th, 2017), 155 fires are raging throughout British Columbia and as many as 45,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. These numbers are disheartening, especially considering it’s only the beginning of the fire season. We want to thank all involved for their continued efforts in fighting the wildfires and for assisting the evacuated residents (and their animals). None of our [...]

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Member Club Profile: Bear Mountain Trail Society

A portion of the Bear Mountain Trail Society's proposed route and its potential views. Mount Cheam is the peak to the right. It's a prominent landmark that can be seen (on a clear day) from the Salish Sea, 90 miles away. We’ve once again added another new member to our growing roster: The Bear Mountain Trail Society. This passionate group became our 41st member club last [...]

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