#FundBCParks Campaign

Help us tell the story of why more funding is needed for BC's parks

As regular users of BC’s provincial parks, you’ve probably noticed things aren’t looking the way they used to. Broken signage, damaged boardwalks, ecological damage, neglected facilities—it’s clear the BC government has been spending their dollars elsewhere. Our parks have been in dire need of funding for over a decade, and it shows.



Increased funding to BC Parks means:

  • Additional resources committed to preserving our parks and protected areas
  • Additional funding for maintaining and upgrading infrastructure
  • More rangers available to help maintain trails, ensure stewardship of our parks and provide enforcement of restrictions which are in place to protect our parks
  • More opportunities for volunteers to work with rangers to help maintain trails within our parks

How you can help

The only way the government is going to put more money into our parks is if they’re aware of the public’s support. There are a few ways to have your voice heard:

  • Take a photo. Grab your camera/smartphone, head out to your favourite provincial park, and show us what you find. Are there deteriorated trails, signage or facilities? Overflowing garbage bins? Crowded trails? Do the issues photographed last year continue to be in a state of disrepair? We want to know. And don’t forget about the good—we also want to document improvements and positive situations, so be sure to snap a photo any time you see repaired trails, people carrying out garbage, volunteers hard at work, etc. Tag your photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #FundBCParks, or send them to fundbcparks@mountainclubs.org. Please included detailed location info so we can add the photo to our map.
  • Tell your story. Don't have a photo? No worries. We'd love to hear your stories, too. Tell us about your experiences in BC Parks, good or bad, and we'll add them to our album and our map. Just like photo submissions, detailed location info is greatly appreciated.
  • Write a letter. You can send a letter to the Premier, your Local MLA and/or the Minister of Environment letting them know you support more funding for BC Parks (click here for some letter writing tips). Or, you can sign our petition letter, which will be sent directly to the Premier. You can also view the letter that the FMCBC sent to the Premier on October 14th.
  • Spread the word. The more you share the #FundBCParks campaign, the more attention this issue will get. So, hop on social media, have real-life conversations, and help spread this crucial message.

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