BC Parks logoIn their Report on the Budget 2016 Consultations, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services has included a recommendation for the provincial government to increase funding for BC Parks in its 2016 Budget    This recommendation comes out of extensive public consultations conducted by the committee (see report – section under Environment). 

The recommendation as stated in the report:  “Increase funding for BC Parks and protected areas management, maintenance and provide more park rangers.

This could be great news for BC Parks if this recommendation is reflected in the 2016 Budget.  To ensure that those who approve the budget are aware of the public’s support for increasing funding to BC Parks, we have sent a letter to the Minister of Finance and we encourage people to send a similar letter to their local MLA and/or the Minister of Finance before February 10th.


Sample Letter (PDF)

We have drafted a sample letter (MS Word) which you can download and edit or you can use the petition letter below which will be sent directly to the Minister of Finance.    Click here for some letter writing tips.

If you’re not sure what to include in your letter here are some ideas:

Increased funding to BC Parks means:

  • Additional resources committed to preserving our parks and protected areas.
  • More rangers available to help maintain trails, ensure stewardship of our parks and provide enforcement of restrictions which are in place to protect our parks.
  • More opportunities for volunteers to work with rangers to help maintain trails within our parks.

NOTE:  Before signing and sending the petition letter below, you can view and edit the letter by clicking the READ THE PETITION button.

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