The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC (FMCBC) is concerned that the Province of BC will not plow the access road and parking area for the Rubble Creek trailhead to allow winter access to Garibaldi Lake.

Backcountry users only have a few places to park along the Sea-to-Sky corridor in the winter.  Garibaldi Lake and surrounding terrain is a world-class winter recreation destination that deserves to be open for public use.  The Province pays for the highway to be maintained for the public to travel to Whistler to use commercial resort facilities.  Why not plow provincial park access roads and parking areas close to the highway where backcountry users can safely park?

Because of COVID-19, there will be many more people wanting to recreate in the backcountry this year. With people avoiding ride-sharing, there will be even more pressure on the limited parking available in the Sea-to-Sky corridor.

The FMCBC has sent a letter to BC Parks requesting that they revisit their policy of not plowing many access roads to BC Provincial Parks. To allow the public to access and enjoy this popular park in winter, the Rubble Creek access road and parking road needs to be cleared or plowed after each major snowfall.  At a meeting on December 1st, BC Parks informed us that they have not yet found funding.

The new cabinet was sworn in last week. The mandate letter for the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and the newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister includes the following:

Recognizing the heightened importance of outdoor recreation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, guide work to create new campgrounds, trails, and protected areas; propose new funding to improve infrastructure; and ensure provincial parks remain affordable for British Columbians.

We believe providing access to the Garibaldi Lake trail by plowing the access road is consistent with this mandate.

Please send an email to your MLA!

We need you to lobby the provincial government to make this happen.  Please write an email to George Heyman and your MLA.

Sample email:

Subject: Plowing access road and parking area for Garibaldi Lake

Dear [MLA name] and Hon. George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

I’m concerned about the lack of parking for winter backcountry users along the Sea-to-Sky corridor especially at the Garibaldi Lake trail parking lot near Rubble Creek.

I support the FMCBC’s request to have the access road and parking lot plowed.

Please make this happen!

If you are not sure of your local MLA contact, you can check here.