Update on the Cypress BAC conflict (as of July 20th)

From our Executive Director, Barry Janyk:


Over the past three weeks, a number of FMCBC representatives and member clubs have met individually and/or as a group with BC Parks and Cypress Mountain reps, following up on the December 20th meeting and trying to resolve the longstanding backcountry access corridor (BAC) dispute in Cypress Provincial Park.

There are a few key issues here. BC Parks (BCP) and Cypress Mountain Resort (CMR) are choosing to interpret the Park Act, the Park Use Permit issued to CMR, and the findings and recommendations of the 1995 Williams Commission in a specious manner.

The FMCBC’s position is clear. Based on our accurate interpretation of these documents, the public should—and must—have free and unfettered access to the provincial park. The corridor is the means to access the backcountry of the park and the FMCBC expects it to be accessible to the public at a time convenient for those seeking to maximize the daylights hours. It is not included—deliberately—in the Controlled Recreation Area (CRA) and thus is the responsibility and liability of the province, not CMR.

The FMCBC fully recognizes the necessity for safety and obviously understands potential liabilities. However, the Fed also believes these should not preclude safe access through the designated corridor at times that are currently outside the opening hours of CMR. We are working to provide resolution on these matters so an arrangement can be struck with CMR— one supported by BC Parks—to allow individuals to transit the BAC.

In the meantime, BC Parks is improving signage and maps with our input, which is a big and welcome step. We hope to have a mutually satisfactory solution in place by start of the season.  You may be aware these access matters are also subject of a legal review, which we are hoping to complete by year end.

3 thoughts on “Update on the Cypress BAC conflict (as of July 20th)

  1. Great news Fed!!
    Glad to hear we are putting pressure on BCParks and cypress. It’s really sad to see how BCPARKS caved into Cypress demands for limited access. Personally myself and many others are very upset and saddened by this move by BCPARKS.
    Better signage is always welcome!!
    Hope to hear some good news soon.

  2. I attended the meeting on July 12 representing the BCMC. My impression was that the park ranger was not familiar with the park master plan and was getting his information from Cypress Resort CEO Bobby Swain based on misinterpretation of the park use permit. The key point was that provisions in the park use permit were specifically subject to the Park Act and park master plan. The park master plan states that the BAC is outside of the CRA and the BAC is administered by BC Parks. The BCMC opposed the BAC transit protocol prepared by Dylan Eyers the park ranger because it was unworkable in the extreme fraught with multiple points where it could fail.

  3. So whats the issue ? The park master plan says : The BAC is outside the CRA . Therefore Cypress Resort officials should have no say as to when the public can use that access corridor.
    Plain and simple . When a corporation or a company or an individual dictates when the public can use public land WE shall rise up and demand our public rights! No two ways about
    it . Is that clear ?

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