The UBC Varsity Outdoor Club was awarded an FMCBC Member Club Grant in 2013 to replace the windows in their popular Brew Hut which is located south of Mt Brew within the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.  The hut has been a popular destination for hikers, backcountry skiers and other non-motorized users for years.  Brew Hut has an interesting history and the current structure is actually the third Brew Hut after two previous huts were damaged by snow pack.  The club learned a lot about choosing their hut location and the current hut has now been standing since 2005.   The window replacement project funded by the FMCBC was part of some overall maintenance that the club was performing on the hut last year.   The hut is open to VOC members and members of the public.  To learn more, visit the VOC website.

The UBC Varsity Outdoor Club received funding again this year through the Member Club Grant Program to replace the outhouse at their Harrison Hut which will make the experience more pleasant for backcountry visitors while minimizing contamination to the environment.