From our Executive Director, Barry Janyk (November 27, 2018):

Chapman Lake at full height (photo: Paul Kubik)

Tetrahedron Provincial Park’s future remains a serious question. It was hoped that the Local Government elections would change the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s political direction on degrading the provincial park. However, following the October 20th election, voting at the SCRD Board is once again obscure. A pro development slate took every seat on the District of Sechelt council; no incumbents were elected. The District of Sechelt requires more water for more development. The DoS has two seats on the SCRD Board and its mayor is Vice Chair.

I have already met with three—and am planning to meet all five—novice rural directors to explain the FMCBC’s position related to the two options the Sunshine Coast Regional District staff have presented to BC Parks: a boundary adjustment to exclude Chapman Lake so it can be drained or downgrading the park’s Class A status.

BC Parks planner Vicki Haberl advises that the staff report to the minister will be imminently sent. I am currently working to schedule a meeting with Minister Heyman at his Vancouver constituency office, together with several like-minded organisations, to get an explanation as to why BC Parks is apparently not following appropriate policy and ignoring public consultation.

While I believe that common sense will prevail, and a practical and permanent solution will be found to resolve the Sunshine Coast’s water woes so that the park will be left alone, I will continue to monitor the situation, advocate for the park to remain an intact Class A entity and report back to the Federation membership as progress is made.