The FMCBC has been attempting for some months to broker a meeting with Minister Heyman and staff with several allied groups. The Minister advised us last week he is declining to meet. While we are unsure why, we understand ministry staff are hoping the FMCBC and our affiliated organisations will assist them by requesting the SCRD directors withdraw their application with MoE and BC Parks to redesignate the Tetrahedron’s park status or amend its boundary.

We were looking for confirmation that the ministry is indeed a faithful steward of our beleaguered parks system. By declining to meet—once again, and after months of requests —the minister removed that personal opportunity.

A report for Minister Heyman has been completed by ministry staff regarding the enhancements to the Chapman Lake water supply infrastructure as proposed by the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD). This public consultation summary forms part of their report. It’s not yet online, but will apparently be posted to the Tetrahedron Park boundary adjustment webpage at some point:

It’s important to note that BC Parks now advises that the proposed $5M water supply infrastructure at Chapman Lake is not specifically a Boundary Adjustment Application per the Park Boundary Adjustment Guidelines (policy) but, as the request could ultimately trigger a boundary adjustment, BC Parks has followed the policy as a guideline to assist with the process.

We’re advised that “considerations laid out in the policy, along with other relevant considerations, helped to inform staff analysis of the options.” Apparently, BC Parks reviewed the SCRD’s Comprehensive Regional Water Plan (CRWP) as the description of alternatives for increasing community water supply. The SCRD is now addressing the alternatives in the CRWP; however, the Chapman Lake channelling project continues to be a key component of the plan.

The FMCBC and its allies will continue to work with local government representatives and discuss wiser options that will save the park, save the taxpayers millions and help resolve the water woes of the SCRD. We have spent a considerable amount of time drafting a briefing document of the history of these issues together with options for a more rational approach to spare Tetrahedron Provincial Park. Some great examples of alternatives are discussed at the following website:

From our Executive Director, Barry Janyk – January 29th, 2019