BC Parks response to snowmobiles in Strathcona Park

The following letter is from Andy Smith, Strathcona Area Supervisor for BC Parks, West Coast Region: January 21, 2016 FMCBC Members, RE: Unauthorized Use of Snowmobiles in Strathcona Provincial Park This is a long standing issue that we have had to deal with for many years and at one point, spending thousands and thousands of dollars each year, along with considerable time, flying and patrolling the park to [...]

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Snowmobiles in Strathcona Provincial Park

Photo by Tim Penney of the CDMC We have been receiving reports of recent snowmobile activity within the boundaries of Strathcona Provincial Park.  Thank you to members of our Island clubs for alerting us to this issue. We have developed a new survey which can be used to report any motorized activity observed within any provincial park.  If you have observed active motorized recreation or evidence [...]

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Strathcona Provincial Park

This page includes information, articles and correspondence relating to Strathcona Provincial Park.  Much of this information comes to the FMCBC via the Friends of Strathcona Park(FOSP) who are working to inform the public on the issues affecting Strathcona park and the actions they are taking as group to protect the park.  They also have a blog where letters and comments can be posted. Letter from FOSP to MOE regarding CWR application [...]

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