Smoke Bluffs Update February 2021

Introduction The FMCBC is inviting member clubs and other climbing organizations to provide comments on a proposal from the District of Squamish to incorporate the land owned by the FMCBC into a large, formally dedicated Smoke Bluffs park. The District of Squamish has requested the transfer of the FMCBC land to complete the creation of the climbing park. Background In 1987, with the long-term goal of establishing a [...]

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Smoke Bluffs

April 2018 Update The FMCBC continues to hold these lands in trust for the climbing community. While we expect to have discussions with the District of Squamish in the future regarding transfer of these lands for incorporation into a park, an agreement must be be reached to ensure these lands are protected in perpetuity. The District of Squamish has granted a yearly permissive property tax exemption to the [...]

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