Opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort stands firm through wins and losses

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After more than two decades of opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort, wilderness conservationists and backcountry recreationists received some good news last month from Province — the determination that the project has not been substantially started and that its Environmental Assessment Certificate has now expired. The FMCBC submitted a letter supporting Minister Mary Polak’s determination, the […]

Opposing the Jumbo Glacier Resort

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The FMCBC submitted a letter today to Premier Christy Clark and several ministers urging the government to deny renewal of Jumbo Glacier Resort’s environmental assessment certificate and to dissolve the Jumbo Resort Municipality. Many of those who are opposed to the resort are concerned about wildlife conservation and legal issues surrounding the proposed resort.  The […]

FMCBC and Dave Quinn help KMC celebrate 50 years of mountaineering

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Dave Quinn: Award winning author, wilderness guide, wildlife biologist and outdoor educator will be presenting The Long Uptrack: Skiing Through Kootenay Conservation Issues during the FMCBC’s AGM weekend in Castlegar The Kootenay Mountaineering Club has been offering ski touring, climbing and hiking trips to its members since 1964.  On the evening of June 7, 2014, […]