We talked huts with ACC National’s Custodian Coordinator

The Alpine Club of Canada is synonymous with backcountry huts. With 26 far-flung shelters in Western Canada, plus another 6 operated by local sections, the ACC has the largest network of backcountry accommodation in North America. And while these huts provide year-round comfort and convenience, not to mention countless environmental benefits, they don’t maintain themselves. Exposed to the elements and more than 40,000 visitors each year, these huts [...]

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Batchelor Cabin in Tetrahedron Provincial Park

Thanks to Natasha Gellatly of the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club for the following text and photos:   It’s been 30 years since the building of the four backcountry cabins and trails, in what would later become Tetrahedron Provincial Park, and the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club has been busy over the last decade making very necessary repairs and upgrades. About 7 years ago, the TOC started its “cabin steward” program and [...]

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A new door for VOC’s Phelix Hut

Cougar sightings may be rare in B.C.’s backcountry, but coming across a guy with a fluorescent orange steel door strapped to his back? That’s unheard of—almost. This August, a team of seven volunteers from UBC’s Varsity Outdoor Club carried the door and necessary installation hardware and tools 2-3 hours to Brian Waddington Hut (commonly referred to as Phelix Hut) near Pemberton. The project was funded by an FMCBC [...]

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The Varsity Outdoor Club’s Harrison Hut Outhouse Renewal

The original outhouse at the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club’s Harrison Hut was built 30 years ago and needed replacing badly — built among huge glacier boulders, there was no soil suitable for digging, and it has repeatedly been invaded by marmots (or as VOC members call them, “shit beavers”). In 2014, the FMCBC awarded them a Member Club Grant to build a new outhouse, but first they had [...]

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