snowmobile tracks

Photo by Tim Penney of the CDMC

We have been receiving reports of recent snowmobile activity within the boundaries of Strathcona Provincial Park.  Thank you to members of our Island clubs for alerting us to this issue.

We have developed a new survey which can be used to report any motorized activity observed within any provincial park.  If you have observed active motorized recreation or evidence of motorized recreation within Strathcona Provincial Park boundaries, please complete the survey.

Helpful information to gather for us while you’re in the backcountry are photos of active motorized recreation or evidence (tracks) of motorized recreation, the GPS coordinates of where the motorized recreation was observed and any ORV registration numbers observed.

Please complete the survey each time you observe motorized recreation within Strathcona Provincial Park boundaries (or within any provincial park boundaries).  The more we know about the frequency of unauthorized motorized recreation in our parks the better we are equipped to discuss solutions.

Andy Smith, Area Supervisor for Strathcona Park, is aware of the situation and sent us a letter with some background information and efforts made by BC Parks to date to combat motorized recreation in Strathcona Park.  Tim Penney, Vice President of the Comox District Mountaineering Club, sent in a letter which was published in the Comox Valley Record regarding the situation in Strathcona Park.

Two things to remember:

Motorized recreation clubs educate their members regarding areas where snowmobiles are not allowed (such as provincial parks).  These infractions are likely made by people who do not belong to any organized motorized recreation club.

We do not advise anyone to confront motorized recreation users.  BC Parks is responsible for enforcement and we are assisting their efforts by reporting our observations.  We are providing some extra sets of eyes and ears in the backcountry.