The FMCBC is currently developing a position paper which will make recommendations on how different user groups including mountain bikers, horseback riders, trail runners and hikers can safely and enjoyably share our trails. Because there are some situations where sharing trails can be dangerous, our paper will focus on what those dangerous situations are and will make recommendations for solutions when those situations arise.

Mountain biking is an activity in which many FMCBC members participate although it is not one of our core activities. There are diverse views amongst our membership on the relationship between mountain biking and other activities on our trails. In recent years we’ve seen groups like the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) increase their level of trail building. With this comes potential for user conflicts, but it also shows dedication to their sport and the trails they use. The NSMBA have become responsible stewards of their trails and have become leaders in trail building in their region.

We hope to work with groups like the NSMBA on our Shared Trails paper to ensure it reflects their opinions on how to safely share the trails with other user groups.