Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMPs) provide strategic direction for the management of public lands and natural resources. The Sea-to-Sky LRMP was approved in April 2008. The full LRMP, maps and reports are available here.

The LRMP is now in the implementation phase, and the FMCBC is represented in the LRMP Implementation Committee for Recreation (PIC Recreation Implementation). One meeting was held in October 2009 and the next is scheduled for spring 2010. The FMCBC’s goals include: better quality zoning maps, signage and enforcement of non-motorized zones.

The LRMP document has seen several amendments (available at the above link). One “administrative revision” approved in 2009 changes the definitions of “lodge” and “cabin.” The FMCBC has written a letter stating that this amendment should have received public scrutiny and requesting a review of various “no commercial lodge” statements throughout the document.

Recommended winter recreation zoning in LRMP for Sea-to-Sky (overview map)

A supplemental LRMP report on non-commercial winter recreational zoning in the Sea-to-Sky area was prepared in 2008 by Gordon Erlandson, a government appointed mediator, after this subject was omitted from the main LRMP report. While the topic was discussed at length during negotiations for the Winter Backcountry Sharing Accord (part of the Backcountry Forum process) several years ago, it had not been actually put into place. The mediator met with the FMCBC, snowmobilers and the Lil’wat First Nation. Below is his report with recommendations to the government. The short version is in this government press release.

Recommendations for the Management of Winter Backcountry Recreation in the Lillooet River Drainage and the Sea-to-Sky LRMP Area