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21 Mile Creek (Rainbow Lake Area)

Snowmobiles in the 21 Mile Creek area. Specifically, the drainage and west slopes of Mt Sproatt. Photo credit: Wolf Eilers Click here to complete the 21 Mile Creek Survey The 21 Mile Creek drainage is a non-motorized zone and snowmobiling is prohibited. The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC is conducting a user survey to measure the frequency of illegal snowmobile use in 21 Mile Creek. The results from the survey will guide [...]

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Alberni Valley Outdoor Club 2013 Member Club Grant Report

Report prepared by Judy Carlson The AVOC's construction of two bridges along the Inlet Trail took 245 volunteer hours to complete. The parameters of the project were changed somewhat when the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District realized it had enough money left over from its two bridge project to build the additional 30 foot bridge.  This left the AVOC with a 20 foot and a 10 foot bridge to acquire and install, and the [...]

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Callaghan Backcountry Access Policy

Background For the 2012-2013 season, Whistler Olympic Park and Callaghan Country are operating together as Ski Callaghan Callaghan Country runs the western trails the go towards Callaghan Lake. Whistler Olympic Park runs the eastern trails in the Madeley Creek valley. For an overview of several backcountry trips in the Callaghan Valley, see the VOC Wiki ski guide. Fees Backcountry user fees for 2011-2012 are: $10 per car for parking for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing at [...]

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Callaghan Valley Trail Work Log

2009 Funding MEC kindly provided $1948. National Trail Coalition of Canada ( provided $1926. Tasks & Schedule Winter Tasks Remark Lower Beverley Creek trail above ponds where the trail was realigned to cross large fallen log. Remark Upper Beverley Creek trail where it does an S turn to enter first bog above RM junction. Pull markers from mountain bike trail that drops down from Olympic Biathlon XC trail now that we have our own trail [...]

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Callaghan Valley

With lots of snow and a paved, plowed road to 875m, the Callaghan Valley is a great area for Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing. Fees There are two nordic ski operators at the head of the valley: Callaghan Country and Whistler Olympic Park. Together, they jointly operate the ski area called "Ski Callaghan". Whistler Olympic Park charges a $10 per vehicle parking and access fee for backcountry users. Even if you park in overnight parking lot [...]

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