BC Trail Tracker: Add a backcountry campground report

Please add a backcountry campground report so we can create an inventory of backcountry campgrounds and determine which ones need restoration work – probably all campgrounds near popular trails.

Backcountry campground report
The trail name must be in our system for the dropdown to work. See link to add a trail on bottom right side of the page.
Describe location on the trail and add GPS location from your phone if possible. Take a screen shot of the compass on an iPhone or from Android phone and copy into this text field
Approximate or exact number of campsites
Tent pads may be wooden pads to provide a dry location for camping or a raised gravel bed.
If vegetation damage is occurring, please describe.
If an alpine area, sub-alpine with limited wood or area with high fire hazard select yes.
Did you observe any damage from fires or see evidence of previous campfires?
Is the water source from a lake, large or small creek. Do you think water is available all summer or only until snow melts higher.
Does the campground have food storage containers or poles with stainless steel wires.
Does the campground have a pit toilet? If so, is it usable or decent shape? If camping sites are dispersed, did you see evidence of human waste near campsites?

Maximum file size: 5MB



How to camp responsibly in wilderness

Don’t camp too close to alpine lakes.  You can’t see the tent in the photo of Russet Lake but there is one tent above the lake on a rocky spot.  We realize that people like camping close to lakes and water sources but you don’t have to be right beside them.  The vegetation beside lakes is very fragile – please try to protect it by not creating new trails and tent trampled areas.

If you see a campsite where there is a fire-ring in an alpine areas please move the rocks away from the campsite and hide them on top or below other rocks to discourage people from creating fires with the limited wood in alpine areas.

Please try to camp where there is an outhouse to avoid leaving human waste in multiple places.

Check out the Leave No Trace Seven Principles.



Before you add the campground, the associated trail must in our system. After you add the backcountry campground report the following options are available: