BC Trail Tracker: Add a trail or backcountry campground comment

Trail and backcountry campground comments or reviews are things such as:

  • There is still a lot of snow above x m
  • There are new access issues: add details
  • Hikers are building fires where they shouldn’t be
  • Hikers are camping in meadows and tents pads are needed
  • This is becoming a high use campground where bear and rodent safe food storage is needed.
  • There are bear issues in the campground, make sure you use bear safe food storage.

Problems or issues with the actual trail go to the Trail condition report page.  Before you add the comment into the database, the actual trail has to be in the database.  Please add the trail if you can’t find it with the search tool below.

Add a trail comment
Only for admin use. Not visible to public.

After you add the comment the following options are available: