Cloudburst is the newsletter published semi-annually by the FMCBC for our members and the general public.  You can sign up to receive our Cloudburst Newsletters directly to your inbox.  FMCBC members can request a paper copy through their FMCBC Rep or by emailing us their request.

Issues of Cloudburst include articles written by FMCBC members and committee chairs, educational articles, trip reports, poems, stories and general backcountry information.

The links below provide access to the most current and previous editions of Cloudburst.  All issues from before 2008 are in PDF format only.  Issues released from 2008 onwards are in PDF or can be viewed as online magazines through Issuu.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer you can download it for free from the Adobe web site.

Year Issue PDF Link Issuu Link
2019 Summer PDF Issuu
2018 Winter PDF Issuu
2018 Summer PDF Issuu
2017 Winter PDF Issuu
2017 Summer PDF Issuu
2016 Winter PDF Issuu
2016 Summer PDF Issuu
2015 Winter PDF Issuu
2015 Summer PDF Issuu
2014 Winter PDF Issuu
2014 Summer PDF Issuu
2013 Winter PDF Issuu
2013 Summer PDF Issuu
2012 Winter PDF Issuu
2012 Summer PDF Issuu
2011 Winter PDF Issuu
2011 Summer PDF Issuu
2010 Winter PDF Issuu
2010 Summer PDF Issuu
2009 Winter PDF Issuu
2009 Summer PDF Issuu
2008 Annual PDF Issuu
2007 Winter PDF
2007 Summer PDF
2006 Winter PDF
2006 Summer PDF
2005 Winter PDF
2005 Summer PDF
2004 Annual PDF
2003 Annual PDF
2002-2003 Fall PDF
2001 May PDF
2001 November PDF
2000 December PDF
2000 August PDF
2000 March PDF
1998 Fall PDF
1993 December PDF
1993 September PDF
1993 June PDF
1993 March PDF
1992 December PDF
1992 September PDF
1992 June PDF
1992 March PDF
1991 December PDF
1991 September PDF
1991 June PDF
1991 March PDF
1990 December PDF
1990 October PDF
1990 July PDF
1990 March PDF
1989 December PDF
1989 September PDF
1989 Summer PDF
1989 Winter PDF
1988 Summer PDF
1987 Fall PDF
1987 Summer PDF
1987 Spring PDF
1986 Spring PDF
1986 Summer PDF
1985 February PDF
1985 October PDF
1985 June PDF
1984 October PDF
1984 Fall PDF
1984 Spring PDF

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