Management of Trails in BC Parks

All trails within BC Provincial Parks are managed by BC Parks staff.  Volunteers are permitted to work on trails within BC Parks under the following conditions:

BC Parks staff have authorized the volunteers to do the work
The volunteers are not using power equipment – hand tools only
The volunteers have received training for the equipment being used

Below are updates regarding the ongoing liability issue concerning volunteers performing trail building and maintenance in BC Parks.  The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC and the FMCBC are working together to try to resolve this issue, get some straight answers and get volunteers working in BC Parks again.

  • BC Parks Trail Work Volunteer Agreements and liability issues
    28 August, 2013

    At a series of meetings on July 26th and 29th, 2013 with BC Parks a permanent resolution materialised for the volunteers wanting to do trail work within the parks.

  • Response from Ministry on Volunteers Working in BC Parks
    17 August, 2011

    Below is a response from  BC Minister of the Environment Terry Lake to ORC’s letter dated June 27th on the subject of re-introducing a program for volunteers to work in BC Parks.  A link to the volunteer agreement discussed in the letter can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  As per Jeremy’s email to us on ...

  • ORC writes letter to Ministry for solution liability issue for volunteers working in BC Parks
    27 June, 2011

    On June 27, 2011 Jeremy Mcall, Executive Director for the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC e-mailed a letter to the Hon. Terry Lake, Minister of Environment, enclosing the Resolution ORC passed at their AGM in June on the subject of re-introducing a program for volunteers to work in BC Parks. ORC also decided at their AGM ...

  • ORC and FMCBC met with BC Parks to discuss volunteers working in parks
    15 February, 2011

    On February 8, 2011, Brian Wood (FMCBC President), Alex Wallace (FMCBC Trails Committee Co-Chair) and Jeremy McCall (Executive Director for Outdoor Recreation Council of BC) went to Victoria to meet with Tessa Graham, the Acting Executive Director, Parks and Protected Areas, BC Parks to get a firm answer relating to liability insurance protection for the volunteers doing trail ...