Recreation and Conservation

Recreation and Conservation

In the Recreation & Conservation program, committees work with representatives from the provincial government, land and resource industries and commercial recreation to resolve conflicts with other users and stakeholders such as heli-skiing, snowmobile use, logging and mining. The FMCBC's strong advocacy role also promotes the protection of key wilderness areas and the creation and maintenance of parks in BC. The FMCBC participates or provides input to several panels and planning tables such as Stewardship Panels, Land and Resource Management Plans, and provincial parks planning. The FMCBC is invited to participate in these processes by the government and other stakeholders as it is regarded as the legitimate body representing non-motorized backcountry recreational users in British Columbia.

Click on the links below to learn what committee members have been working on in your area. Past projects are listed here. If you are interested in joining a committee to work on projects and issues in your region of British Columbia, contact your local club or email us for more information.

Recent issues the FMCBC has responded to:

  • Help restore access to the Singing Pass Trail
    21 September, 2017

    Want to help restore access to the Singing Pass Trail and solve one of the most contentious access issues in the Sea to Sky corridor? Then check out this parking proposal and let us know what you think. We welcome your comments and ideas, as well as any show of support that will help this ...

  • Campaign: Support increased funding for BC Parks
    27 August, 2016

    To ensure the B.C. Government is aware of the public’s support for increasing funding to BC Parks, we encourage people to send a letter to their local MLA and/or the Premier.
    We have drafted a sample letter which you can download and edit or you can use the petition letter below which will be sent directly ...

  • How To Help Fund BC Parks
    12 August, 2016

    As regular users of BC’s provincial parks, you’ve probably noticed things aren’t looking the way they used to. Broken signage, damaged boardwalks, ecological damage, neglected facilities—it’s clear the BC government has been spending their dollars elsewhere.
    Our parks have been in dire need of funding for over a decade, and it shows. Just take a look ...

  • Time to show what a lack of funding has done to our parks
    14 July, 2016

    Have you visited our provincial parks lately and noticed any of the following?

    – Broken, missing or vandalized signage
    – Missing or damaged trail markers
    – Trail braiding, exposed roots, broken or missing boardwalk slats
    – Bridges in need of repair or closed due to damage
    – Poorly maintained campground facilities
    – Ecological damage from lack of monitoring
    – Excessive litter or ...

  • Improved public access to Singing Pass Trail needed
    6 March, 2016

    The FMCBC has submitted a letter to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations requesting improved public access to the Singing Pass Trail in Garibaldi Provincial Park. This follows another that was sent to (and responded by) Land Officer Tori Meeks last fall.
    The most recent letter outlines some of the history of the ...

  • Write your MLA to increase funding for BC Parks
    26 January, 2016

    In their Report on the Budget 2016 Consultations, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services has included a recommendation for the provincial government to increase funding for BC Parks in its 2016 Budget    This recommendation comes out of extensive public consultations conducted by the committee (see report – section under Environment). 
    The recommendation ...

  • Snowmobiles in Strathcona Provincial Park
    19 January, 2016

    We have been receiving reports of recent snowmobile activity within the boundaries of Strathcona Provincial Park.  Thank you to members of our Island clubs for alerting us to this issue.
    We have developed a new survey which can be used to report any motorized activity observed within any provincial park.  If you have observed active motorized ...

  • FMCBC representatives meet with GAS proponents
    23 October, 2015

    A small team of FMCBC representatives sat down with some of the proponents of the proposed Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS) resort in Vancouver on September 23. The four-season resort on Brohm Ridge is to include infrastructure for downhill skiing, mountain biking, and zip lining, as well as 22,000 beds. The proposed development has had little real ...

  • Support for a National Park Reserve in the South Okanagan-Similkameen
    21 October, 2015

    The FMCBC supports development of a National Park Reserve in the South Okanagan-Similkameen. The BC Government has resumed discussions regarding protection of areas in this region and has put together an Intentions Paper which outlines a framework for protecting lands in the South Okanagan by establishing a National Park Reserve.
    At FMCBC’s Southern Interior Regional Meeting ...

  • Opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort stands firm through wins and losses
    11 August, 2015

    After more than two decades of opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort, wilderness conservationists and backcountry recreationists received some good news last month from Province — the determination that the project has not been substantially started and that its Environmental Assessment Certificate has now expired. The FMCBC submitted a letter supporting Minister Mary Polak’s determination, the ...

  • Send in your comments on BC Parks Draft Ski Resort Policy
    15 July, 2015

    We have concerns with BC Parks Draft Ski Resort Policy and think you should too because the draft policy could potentially be used as a template for commercial operations within Class A Parks in the future. We believe that further review of the following points is necessary to ensure that BC Parks responsibilities to protect ...

  • Concerns persist surrounding Garibaldi at Squamish resort proposal
    8 July, 2015

    For 15 years, the FMCBC has expressed concern over the Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS) ski resort project, maintaining that if accepted, Squamish could lose the very reasons people are attracted to the area. The proposed $3.5 million resort at Brohm Ridge includes hotels, resort condos, extensive ski runs, and a projected 1.9 million annual visits ...

  • Unresolved areas in the Sea-to-Sky LRMP a concern
    11 June, 2015

    Despite several stakeholder initiatives to resolve the zoning of a large area in the vicinity of Cloudburst Mountain, Tricouni Mountain, Cypress Mountain, Seagram’s Lake, and Brew Mountain, the “unresolved” designation put forward in 2009 by the Sea-to-Sky Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) persists. So long as this remains the case, the zoning of the ...

  • Comments on BC Parks’ Draft Ski Resort Policy
    21 April, 2015

    Over the past week, organizations such as BC Nature and the Friends of Cypress Provincial Park sent in letters to BC Parks expressing concern regarding the BC Parks’ Draft Ski Resort Policy which will affect ski resort operations within Mount Seymour, Cypress and Manning Provincial Parks. Today the FMCBC sent in a letter with our ...

  • Update on the parking situation at Cypress and Mt. Seymour
    25 February, 2015

    Although not such an issue this year with the lack of snow on the south coast, our Recreation and Conservation Committee sent in a letter today to Vicki Haberl, BC Parks Planning Section Head for the South Coast Region, in response to BC Parks’ Discussion Paper on Parking Capacity as it relates to the private ...

  • FMCBC opposes cat skiing tenure expansion near Brew Hut
    23 January, 2015

    We sent a letter to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations this week opposing  Powder Mountain Catskiing’s tenure expansion application into areas near the Varsity Outdoor Club’s Brew Hut.  Similar letters were sent by the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club and the Alpine Club of Canada Whistler Section.
    FMCBC’s letter lists several reasons why ...

  • Comments on plans for Pinecone Burke Park
    1 December, 2014

    BC Parks and the Katzie First Nation are working on a management plan for Pinecone Burke Provincial Park. The FMCBC took part in their stakeholders workshop, plus we sent in a letter during their Initial Public Input Comment Period describing what our members would like to see included in the plan.  The initial comment period ...

  • FMCBC provides comment on the Vancouver Island Land Use Plan
    26 November, 2014

    The FMCBC was one of the original stakeholders involved in the Commission on Resources and Environment (CORE) process during the early 1990s and the establishment of the Vancouver Island Land Use Plan (VILUP) in 1994.  It has now been 20 years since the VILUP was established and University of Alberta Masters Student Sabrina Schwartz contacted the ...

  • Opposing the Jumbo Glacier Resort
    7 October, 2014

    The FMCBC submitted a letter today to Premier Christy Clark and several ministers urging the government to deny renewal of Jumbo Glacier Resort’s environmental assessment certificate and to dissolve the Jumbo Resort Municipality.
    Many of those who are opposed to the resort are concerned about wildlife conservation and legal issues surrounding the proposed resort.  The FMCBC’s ...

  • FMCBC comments on BC Parks Ski Resort Policy Intentions Paper
    9 July, 2014

    The FMCBC submitted comments to BC Parks on their Ski Resort Policy Intentions Paper.  A Ski Resort Policy is being developed by BC Parks to provide guidance for the three commercial ski resorts (Cypress Mountain, Mount Seymour and E.C. Manning) located within the provincial parks system.  This policy will provide direction for the management and administration ...

  • FMCBC comments on the South Chilcotin and Big Creek Provincial Parks Draft Plan
    29 May, 2014

    The FMCBC submitted comments to BC Parks on the draft plan they have developed for the South Chilcotin and Big Creek Provincial Parks.   The public comment period for this plan is open until May 30th.
    The FMCBC was involved in the Lillooet LRMP and other planning processes that resulted in the designation of the area ...

  • Backcountry Recreation Study
    13 May, 2014

    The FMCBC went through its Strategic Planning process in 2011-2012 to help us define and confirm our unique role amongst outdoor recreation clubs and conservation organizations.  The FMCBC determined that our main role is to be an advocate on behalf of non-motorized backcountry recreation users.  Protecting non-motorized backcountry recreation activities, access and interests is the ...

  • FMCBC opposes Bill 4: Park Amendment Act
    7 March, 2014

    Bill 4: Park Amendment Act has already gone through its second reading and will be debated in BC Legislature soon so it’s a good idea to get your comments and letters in sooner rather than later.   The passing of Bill 4 would allow industry to carry out “research” in BC parks related to industrial activities ...

  • FMCBC submits comments on GAS resort proposal
    23 January, 2014

    The FMCBC Southwest BC Recreation and Conservation Committee submitted a letter this month to Chris Hamilton, Executive Project Director for the Environmental Assessment Office to express concerns regarding the proposed Garibaldi at Squamish Resort and its potential impact on non-motorized backcountry recreation.
    In brief, the following four main concerns were addressed in the letter:

    Garibaldi provides one ...

  • FMCBC submits comments on ORV Management Framework
    28 November, 2013

    The FMCBC Southwest BC Recreation and Conservation Committee submitted a letter this month to the BC Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to provide some comments and express some concerns regarding the partially implemented legislation governing the registration, licensing and operation of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) in BC.  Drafting the legislation began over ...

  • Call for Section 58 Closure
    18 July, 2013

    The FMCBC has written a letter to Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations asking to formally prohibit snowmobiling in Twentyone Mile Creek.  Presently this area is designated as a non-motorized zone in the Sea to Sky LRMP, but that is only a planning document.  The minister must issue an order under ...

  • SW BC Recreation and Conservation Summary – January 2013
    8 February, 2013

    By Lisa Quattrocchi
    Garibaldi Park Management Plan Draft Amendments
    In early January, the FMCBC submitted these comments:
    Additionally, the committee plans to send an example of an avoidance protocol to reduce user conflicts, should heli-skiing be allowed to continue in the park.
    Mount Sproat Mountain Biking
    A mixed use trail is being considered up Sproat, near Whistler. Concerns need to ...

  • Garibaldi Provincial Park Management Plan Amendments
    1 February, 2013

    Letter Sent to Jennie Aikman, Regional Planner
    BC Parks
    PO Box 3010 Cultus Lake, BC, V2R 5H6
    Phone: (604) 824-2316
    Fax: (604) 858-4905

    Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC (FMCBC) – SW Region Recreation and Conservation Committee members have reviewed the recent report from BC Parks: DRAFT Management Plan Amendment for the Spearhead Area – Garibaldi Park.
    We have prepared ...

  • Backcountry User Fees reduced at Whistler Olympic Park
    13 September, 2012

    Whistler Olympic Park is reducing user fees for backcountry users for the 2012-2013 ski season.  The new fee will be $10 per vehicle.  Backcountry skiers and snowshoers can access the Sproatt, Gin, Hanging Lake, Rainbow Beverley and Puma areas, using the groomed trails to reach the backcountry trailheads.
    At Callaghan Country, the reduced price ticket for ...

  • Backcountry Access Improvements at Whistler Olympic Park
    19 October, 2011

    Whistler Olympic Park and Callaghan Country have parted ways and will run separate operations for the 2011-2012 season.  This year Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) has implemented a number off improvements to backcountry access.
    A WOP backcountry access day pass will cost $10 and a season pass $50, the same price as last year.  Day passes may ...