Recreation and Conservation

FMCBC staff and committees work with representatives from the provincial government, land and resource industries and commercial recreation to resolve conflicts with other users and stakeholders such as heli-skiing, snowmobile use, logging and mining. The FMCBC’s strong advocacy role also promotes the protection of key wilderness areas and the creation and maintenance of parks in BC.

The FMCBC participates in or provides input to several panels and planning tables such as Stewardship Panels, Land and Resource Management Plans, and provincial parks planning. The FMCBC is invited to participate in these processes by the government and other stakeholders as it is regarded as the legitimate body representing non-motorized backcountry recreational users in British Columbia.

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21 Mile Creek motorized use monitoring

January 21st, 2019|0 Comments

The Province is working with the Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club, ACC Whistler, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, and the FMCBC to improve compliance with the 21 Mile Creek Non–Motorized Area. A number of additional measures have been [...]

Smoke Bluffs

April 19th, 2018|0 Comments

April 2018 Update The FMCBC continues to hold these lands in trust for the climbing community. While we expect to have discussions with the District of Squamish in the future regarding transfer of these lands [...]