Recent rally to protect Jumbo from resort development - photo courtesy of Wildsight

Recent rally to protect Jumbo from resort development – photo courtesy of Wildsight

The FMCBC submitted a letter today to Premier Christy Clark and several ministers urging the government to deny renewal of Jumbo Glacier Resort’s environmental assessment certificate and to dissolve the Jumbo Resort Municipality.

Many of those who are opposed to the resort are concerned about wildlife conservation and legal issues surrounding the proposed resort.  The FMCBC’s letter focuses on two areas which would directly impact non-motorized, backcountry recreation if the ski resort is built:

Quality Wilderness Areas for Recreation – The Jumbo Valley and surrounding peaks are located in a relatively wild and pristine mountainous range which draws backcountry recreation visitors from across BC and the world. Development of a commercial ski resort would permanently damage the ecology of the Jumbo Valley resulting in a significant reduction in the quality of the area for non-motorized, backcountry recreation. If the Jumbo area is developed into a commercial ski resort area, the wilderness value of the area will be lost forever.

Peaceful hiking in the Kootenays. Photo taken by Pat Morrow.

Peaceful hiking in the Kootenays. Photo by Pat Morrow.

Public Access – Backcountry recreationists utilize public lands for much of their activities. The proposed resort would take currently public lands and designate them as a Controlled Recreation Area (CRA) which would be available only to a few, paying users. This will result in reduced public access which is of major concern to the FMCBC and our members who strive to maintain and increase public access to the backcountry. This removal of public lands into CRA’s has happened with all commercial ski developments and causes persistent problems for the commercial operator and the public recreationists.

The Ktunaxa Nation and organizations from the Kootenays like Wildsight,  Jumbo Wild and the West Kootenay EcoSociety are working hard this month to fight the resort development.   October 12th is the deadline for the Jumbo Glacier Resort to show that some major construction has begun in order for them to have their environmental assessment certificate renewed.  Write to the premier, the ministers and your MLA to let them know that you are opposed to the development and would like to see that certificate renewal denied.  Help us keep Jumbo wild for future generations.

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