I’m pleased to announce that, in a late afternoon phone call yesterday, I was advised by senior Ministry of Environment staff that Minster Heyman had in fact decided on the future of Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

To quote the press release, “…the minister… evaluated the Chapman Lake expansion project and after careful consideration, is not prepared to move forward with a park boundary amendment… As a result, the Sunshine Coast regional District’s proposed expansion of the community water supply system infrastructure in the park cannot proceed.”

I’m advised that one of the reasons Minister Heyman was swayed to make his positive decision was due to the commitment of the shíshálh Nation to preserve the watershed and the park – the Sechelt’s traditional territory. I have thanked Chief Paull and his council for their wisdom and their position.

Thanks have also been expressed to all who contributed to this successful outcome – the Minister, ministry staff, all our allies in this campaign – including the Sierra Club, CPAWS, Wilderness Committee, Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, Tetrahedron Alliance, BCMC, BC Parks Elders, BC Spaces for Nature, Suzanne Senger, and dozens of dedicated and credible individuals who helped in a multitude of ways. And, of course, huge thanks to the members of the FMCBC for their keen interest and positive support over past two years! It’s been a serious task to put this matter to rest.

It was apparent – and the ministry stated as much – that the public was overwhelmingly opposed to destroying the integrity of this precious provincial park.

Alternative solutions to the region’s water woes are being explored and we will continue to work with the SCRD to develop these options so that Tetrahedron Park will never again be considered as an infinite source of water. Because as we know, it isn’t!

Press release is here: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2019ENV0006-000185#
News article here: https://www.coastreporter.net/news/local-news/province-rejects-tetrahedron-park-boundary-adjustment-1.23627350

Thank you!

Barry J Janyk
Executive Director

Download the PDF this page here.