Club Membership Numbers Update Fall 2023

Please enter your current membership numbers on this form. If your membership has increased by more than 10% since membership and insurance renewals on March 31, 2023, you will receive an invoice for the additional member fees ($8 per FMCBC membership, $14 per insured club member).

  • Email of club contact completing this form
  • Name of club contact completing this form
  • Please let us know the total number of active members your club has on September 30, 2023. (Please do not include honorary lifetime members who DO NOT pay your club membership fees. They are not required to pay FMCBC membership fees but are required to pay insurance fees).
  • Note that some clubs have couple and family memberships which means their number of individuals is higher than their number of memberships. Please enter your total number of individuals whether it is the same or different from your total memberships. (Please include members who do not pay your club fees such as honorary lifetime members – they are required to pay insurance fees).
  • Please use this space if you have any additional comments or information.