Outsetters Club Bowen Lookout

If you like to hike or walk but are afraid of being left behind in a trail of dust,
consider the Outsetters Club!

This is the mantra of the Outsetters Club, a group of active, 50+ adults who hike and walk primarily throughout the Lower Mainland, the North Shore Mountains, and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Outsetters Club Circle 8 trail Lynn ValleyThe Outsetters Club was formed in 1970, and thanks to strong, ongoing leadership and committed executive committees over the years, it’s grown to over 60 members and is as active and vibrant as ever. The members come together for frequent walks (usually up to 12–15 km) and hikes (up to 22 km), as well as for various social activities during the year. There’s an annual picnic, a Christmas luncheon, and special interest activities such as community events and tours to local areas of interest.

There’s even been a renewed interest in weekend getaway hiking trips—in the past, members have trekked as far as the Gulf Islands, Whistler, the Okanagan, and Washington State.

And this year, the Outsetters Club is setting their sights on yet another new kind of adventure: community charity walks. It’s win-win: Members will have the chance to support various causes, and the club will gain more public exposure. First up is the SPCA Paws for a Cause (the Club covers the registration fee for walkers), followed by the Coho Festival’s Coho Walk on Sept. 11th.

For new memberOutsetters Club Jug Islands looking to join, don’t worry about being “too slow.” The Outsetters walk and hike at a slower pace than other outdoor clubs, and are all about camaraderie and inclusivity. Faster members can go ahead, but they must wait at intervals for the rest to catch up.

If you want to meet current members and see what the Outsetters Club is all about, you’re welcome to ‘sample’ three of their activities before joining. You can also learn more by checking out their website or their Facebook page, which has tons of photos of recent trips.


Thanks to the Outsetters Club for providing the photos!