The Varsity Outdoor Club stands proudly with their new Harrison Hut outhouse, which was funded by an FMCBC Member Club Grant in the summer of 2014.

It’s that time of year again—time to get your club together to submit a project to the FMCBC for our 2016 Member Club Grant! Every year at our annual AGM, the FMCBC awards grants to member clubs that have a great idea for a trails or community project and just need a little financial support to make it happen. In the past, Member Club Grants have been used to upgrade trails, install bridges, build huts, purchase tools,  and fund community events (you can read more about some of our past projects here).

If you’ve got a project in mind and are ready to get started with the application form, click here. Note that you will be asked to upload 2-4 letters of support at the end of the process, as well as a detailed breakdown of your project costs, including materials, equipment, travel, salaries, professional fees, etc. It’s wise to do a bit of research into what your project will involve before starting the form. It’s also good to talk to other members of your club to ensure only one application form is being submitted (unfortunately, we can only consider one application per club per year). We have some additional tips for applying for Member Club Grants here.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for an FMCBC Member Club Grant. All submissions will be reviewed by our dedicated committee of volunteers and the recipients will be notified in May. Donations for this year’s Member Club Grants are now closed, but if you would like to make a contribution for 2017, you can do so by visiting our Canada Helps page. The FMCBC is a registered charity and a tax receipt will automatically be issued.  For more information contact us by email or call us at 604-873-6096