The FMCBC was recently contacted by a consultant working for the TS’ELXWÉYEQW FORESTRY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP as part of the Landscape Unit Planning process for the Chilliwack Natural Resource District in the Fraser Timber Supply Area (TSA).  He is updating his records for trails and recreation resources that are important to our members.  In addition to the this tenure there are other tenures in the Chilliwack and Fraser river drainages close to Chilliwack, BC that will be impacted by the Landscape Unit Planning Process. We understand that the Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship will be engaging with First Nations and the public to get input on logging plans.

How this will work out, we are not sure but the process provides us with a good opportunity to identify important trails and recreation resources.  Clubs in other parts of the province should start to work on a similar report so they can provide input into their favourite areas.

We need input from our members and the public!  We as committee members who have a lot of hiking experience still don’t know all the trails.

The two draft reports we have prepared are open for comments:

Please contact the FMCBC Trails team if you have ideas on how to improve the reports or other recommendations.