As regular users of BC’s provincial parks, you’ve probably noticed things aren’t looking the way they used to. Broken signage, damaged boardwalks, ecological damage, neglected facilities—it’s clear the BC government has been spending their dollars elsewhere.

Our parks have been in dire need of funding for over a decade, and it shows. Just take a look at some of the #fundbcparks photos our members have sent us:

Cathedral Provincial Park trail damage

Cathedral Provincial Park. One of over 130 uncleared trees on the trail.

Footbed on Bedwell Trail

Footbed on Bedwell Trail. Big impact with zero maintenance.

Damaged boardwalk on Manning Park's Heather Trail

Damaged boardwalk on Manning Park’s Heather Trail












(For more photos, check out our #fundbcparks Facebook album.)

The BC government needs to increase funding to upgrade and maintain infrastructure, and to hire on more staff for maintenance and enforcement. And the only way they’re going to do that is if they’re aware of the public’s support.

So, if you want to help us tell the story of why more funding is needed for BC Parks, then grab your camera, head out to your favourite provincial park, and show us what you find. Tag your photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #fundbcparks, or send them to

And if you want to take it a step further, you can write letters detailing your concerns to your MLAs, the Minister of Environment, and even the Premier. We’re aiming to have everyone send their letters by the end of September.

Need some help getting started? We’ve drafted a sample letter for you to download and edit, and have compiled some writing tips to help you get your message across.