stock snowmobile shotThe FMCBC Southwest BC Recreation and Conservation Committee submitted a letter this month to the BC Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to provide some comments and express some concerns regarding the partially implemented legislation governing the registration, licensing and operation of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) in BC.  Drafting the legislation began over 10 years ago and the committee is not impressed with the ORV Management Framework as it has been implemented thus far.

The main points which the committee wants to recommend through this letter are:

  • 1. The need for a system which ensures correct owner identification through a registration process which links the current ORV owner to his/her vehicle
  • 2. The need for instructions on where the plate or decal should be displayed on the ORV to ensure it is always clearly visible
  • 3. The need for a practical enforcement system to ensure that when problematic ORV use is reported that there is a straightforward way for law enforcers to follow-up with the owner.

We encourage those concerned to send their own letters to the Minister Thomson in support of these recommendations.