spruce lake 3The FMCBC submitted comments to BC Parks on the draft plan they have developed for the South Chilcotin and Big Creek Provincial Parks.   The public comment period for this plan is open until May 30th.

The FMCBC was involved in the Lillooet LRMP and other planning processes that resulted in the designation of the area as South Chilcotin and Big Creek Provincial Parks.  Our members have used the area for the last 50 years and so the FMCBC wants to work with BC parks to ensure that the incredible wilderness values of the area are maintained for future generations.

Members from the Southwest BC Recreation and Conservation Committee reviewed the draft plan and agree with the following objectives for the parks:

spruce lake 61. Maintain the existing natural diversity of plant and wildlife species and natural ecological processes.
2. Provide for continuity of ecosystems to allow for migration and continuity of habitats.
3. Maintain a backcountry and wilderness experience within the parks.
4. Maintain the qualities of the environment that form the basis of the recreational attraction.

Strategies which the FMCBC would like to see for these parks:

1. Encourage a shift from day-use mountain biking (fly in – ride out) to a more leisurely, group oriented, multi-day approach to reduce the potential for wildlife disturbance and conflicts with other users.

2. Do not allow tourism facilities to be placed in key recreation attraction areas (e.g., lakeshores, wildlife viewing areas, open meadows, open alpine areas) and require them to be hidden from view as much as possible.

It is the opinion of our committee members that following these objectives and strategies will ensure that the wilderness and recreational values of these parks will be maintained.  It is their preference that aircraft activity on the lakes is reduced to a few days a week to help maintain a more peaceful environment

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