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Backcountry users on Cypress

The FMCBC submitted comments to BC Parks on their Ski Resort Policy Intentions Paper.  A Ski Resort Policy is being developed by BC Parks to provide guidance for the three commercial ski resorts (Cypress Mountain, Mount Seymour and E.C. Manning) located within the provincial parks system.  This policy will provide direction for the management and administration of park use permits which authorize ski resort activities within these parks.

Members from the Southwest BC Recreation and Conservation Committee reviewed the Intentions Paper and submitted the following concerns:

The committee feels that the proposed park use permit term length of 60 years is too long and should be shortened to 30 years.

Committee members have experienced operational problems at both Cypress Mountain and Mount Seymour ski hills which have been creating safety concerns and restricting free access to the backcountry.  Members would like to see safety and maintaining free backcountry access included in the policy.

The committee has requested the opportunity to offer further input once a draft policy is developed.

The Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society have also submitted comments on BC Park’s Intentions Paper.  You can read their concerns here.