John Hawkings’, former Executive Director of Recreation Sites and Trails BC, has stepped into a new role to develop a vision for how the public service (BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails BC) deals with outdoor recreation. ORCBC has invited members to provide initial feedback on some of the issues and opportunities that the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy should consider as they move forward. 
FMCBC encourages you to consider some of the questions below. ORCBC welcomes specific examples that would illustrate the points made.
  • What are the top challenges within the public sector currently?
  • What are the top challenges for the organized recreation sector and for the recreating public?
  • What are the top issues that a new recreation structure should address?
  • What are your recommendations for improvements? 
Please provide preliminary thoughts by December 30th, 2022 to Outdoor Recreation Council of BC.