The proposed resort would be an all-season resort located halfway between Hope and Merritt by the Coquihalla Highway. The resort would consist of a base village, golf course, ski lifts and alpine trails. It would be located next to Zoa Peak and near other popular backcountry skiing, hiking and climbing destinations. The resort application by Westscapes Development Inc. is currently in the Environmental Assessment process.

The Environmental Assessment Office has approved the Terms of Reference for the Coquihalla Pass resort application in January 2009. The comments/issues tables have also been posted, with how Westscapes Development will address the issues raised by the public, by government agencies and the local First Nations. Some of issues raised though the public consultation of the Draft Terms of Reference have made into the Final Terms of Reference:

* Documentation of all campsites and existing trails including all known backcountry, ski, snowshoe and climbing routes.
* Baseline visual quality data will be provided and a visual impact assessment will be completed to assess the potential for adverse impacts of the proposed Project on existing viewscapes.

The FMCBC will work on mapping and submitting all the trails and routes in the area, especially those with views of the proposed resort.

Approved Terms of Reference

Public comments tracking

Agency comments tracking

The current status of the application and all correspondence are available here. If this link is broken it is because it has been moved by the Environmental Assessment Office. Visit their site directly for more information