Time to show what a lack of funding has done to our parks

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Have you visited our provincial parks lately and noticed any of the following? – Broken, missing or vandalized signage – Missing or damaged trail markers – Trail braiding, exposed roots, broken or missing boardwalk slats – Bridges in need of repair or closed due to damage – Poorly maintained campground facilities – Ecological damage from […]

Working towards improved access for all at Cypress and Seymour Provincial Parks

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Parking capacity at Mt. Seymour and Cypress Provincial Parks is an issue that anyone who’s visited the mountains lately is aware of, and it’s one that the FMCBC has been working on — together with BC Parks and commercial ski hill operators — for several years. The parking problem occurs on sunny or good weather […]

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Chilliwack River Valley celebrates revitalized trails and hardworking volunteers

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The trails in the Chilliwack River Valley are open and looking better than ever. Volunteer and professional trail builders spent more than 540 hours this year getting 70+ kilometres of neglected trails back into shape, clearing brush and deadfall, building new footbridges, addressing erosion, and installing reflective markers and information kiosks. Their hard work has […]

Trail markers make backcountry a safer, easier place to navigate

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It’s been a busy summer for hiking clubs and outdoor groups around the province installing hundreds of reflective trail markers in a bid to make the backcountry an easier, safer place to navigate. As anyone who’s ever ventured into the woods can attest, trails can’t always be simply taken backward and forward: shortcuts, unmapped diversions and […]

Concerns persist surrounding Garibaldi at Squamish resort proposal

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For 15 years, the FMCBC has expressed concern over the Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS) ski resort project, maintaining that if accepted, Squamish could lose the very reasons people are attracted to the area. The proposed $3.5 million resort at Brohm Ridge includes hotels, resort condos, extensive ski runs, and a projected 1.9 million annual visits […]