For the 2012-2013 season, Whistler Olympic Park and Callaghan Country are operating together as Ski Callaghan Callaghan Country runs the western trails the go towards Callaghan Lake. Whistler Olympic Park runs the eastern trails in the Madeley Creek valley. For an overview of several backcountry trips in the Callaghan Valley, see the VOC Wiki ski guide.


Backcountry user fees for 2011-2012 are:

$10 per car for parking for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing at Whistler Olympic Park. Use of the XC ski trails is permitted to reach your backcountry destination.

$22 per person (regular nordic rate) for any access through the Callaghan Country base area to reach Telemagique ridge and Callaghan Lake.


There are 4 possible parking areas:

Whistler Olympic Park Day Lodge is a good place to park for access to Hanging Lake. Washrooms, showers and food are all available at the day lodge. Overnight parking is not permitted and you must leave before the main gate closes (5pm in winter, 6pm in spring)

Whistler Olympic Park Biathlon Range provides access to both Hanging Lake and Beverley Creek trailheads. Overnight parking is not permitted and you must leave before the main gate closes (5pm in winter, 6pm in spring).

Callaghan Country parking lot provides parking for Callaghan Lake and Telemagique Ridge. This lot is for day use only and you must purchase a XC ticket to park here ($22).

Alexander Falls parking lot is outside the main gate at the Alexander Falls recreation site. Overnight parking is permitted. It’s a 200m walk or ski along the main road to reach the Madeley Loop XC trail from this parking lot. This parking lot is outside the WOP and Callaghan Country boundaries, but you still have to buy the appropriate ticket to access the backcountry through either ski area.


The ski jumps and adjacent slopes are permanently closed. This includes the service road north of the ski jump (recommended in John Baldwin’s “Exploring the Coast Mountains on skis”). Do not use this route. Instead, access Hanging Lake from the Biathlon Parking Lot, or from the day lodge using the XC trails.

Don’t ever ski behind the biathlon range.

Observe the nordic skier responsibility code on all XC trails.

Dogs are not permitted on many XC ski trails or in the 21 mile creek watershed (Rainbow Lake). Good places to go with your dog are Beverley Creek, Puma Peak or Telemagique Ridge. Gin Peak and Rainbow Mountain are in the watershed area.