August 2015

The BCMC trail starts just east of the Grouse Grind and heads up to the top of the Gondola on a slightly more gentle route. With the increasing popularity of the Grouse Grind, more people are using the BCMC trail to escape the crowds on the Grind or to go downhill, as the Grind is ascent only. In the past two years, erosion has become very evident and loose rocks and tree roots are making the trail unsafe for downhill travel in some sections. If no repairs are done to the trail, it will become more of a creek-bed than a trail in some sections.

Jay MacArthur (ACC and BCMC) is working on a proposal to improve the trail and is negotiating with the District of North Vancouver and Grouse Mountain to get their agreement, even though most of the trail is on land owned by Metro Vancouver, with a small section that is a private holding. Once all the landowners give approval to work on the trail and a plan has been agreed upon, funding will have to be found as there is likely too much work for volunteers to take on. If you have ideas on this proposal, please contact Jay MacArthur at

Location Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver
Description This is a “historic” trail on Grouse that was built to access the BCMC cabin on Grouse Mountain. It runs “parallel” to the Grouse Grind using the same start and finish.
Work Required Many sections of the trail are quite badly eroded from over-use.
Club Prime BC Mountaineering Club
Contact Jay MacArthur,
Status Working on project plan and budget