This Family Day weekend, show your love for BC’s provincial parks by sending a clear message to government to #FundBCParks.


Whether it’s skiing at Manning, hiking in Garibaldi, canoeing on Bowron Lake or watching the salmon run at Goldstream, BC’s provincial parks have something for everyone. Towering rainforests, jagged mountain ranges, open plains and expansive beaches are just some of the places that have been protected under BC’s 13.5 million hectare parks system, but that system in crumbling.

Over the past decade and a half, BC Parks has struggled under a slew of funding cuts and regressive policies that have failed to recognize the ecological malcom-fundbcparksand recreational value of our protected lands. In fact, in current dollars, BC Parks receives less money to operate the provincial parks system now than it did 25 years ago—despite inflation and despite that the number of parks have increased substantially in that time. 

We’ve already asked you to write to your MLA and the Finance Minister to let them know how much you value BC’s provincial parks and want to see them properly protected and funded.  Now we want you to reinforce that message with an image. 

This Family Day weekend, head to one of your favourite provincial parks. Take a photo of your friends and family with your message to the provincial government about why you think our parks should get more funding.  Share your image on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #FundBCParks so that the government hears our chorus loud and clear:  Fund our parks. Preserve them in their wild form for the benefit of all future British Columbians.