Whistler Olympic Park and Callaghan Country have parted ways and will run separate operations for the 2011-2012 season.  This year Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) has implemented a number off improvements to backcountry access.

A WOP backcountry access day pass will cost $10 and a season pass $50, the same price as last year.  Day passes may be purchased at the main gate, or online at http://www.whistlerolympicpark.com and printed at home

Backcountry skiers will be permitted to use the groomed XC trails to access backcountry areas beyond WOP

Signage improvements will help backcountry skiers to located designated backcountry access trailheads

Overnight Parking will be permitted at a small parking lot near the main gate.  This lot may also be used by backcountry skiers wanting to return after the normal WOP closing hours, or get an early start in the morning.  A parking pass is required.  The parking pass can be picked up at the main gate, or downloaded from http://www.whistlerolympicpark.com and printed at home.

Callaghan Country is also offering a reduced rate for backcountry users going to Callaghan Lake or Telemagique ridge

The ticket costs $8 and is only valid on the Mainline trail (Callaghan Lake FSR).

A portion of the Callaghan Country parking lot near Alexander Falls will be designated for overnight use.  There is a $20 per vehicle fee for overnight parking.

For full details on the backcountry access policy, see Callaghan Backcountry Access