So far this year, the Ramblers and Friends have made 32 trips to work on completing the Universal Boardwalk this year. These 32 trips have generated 1090 hours of volunteer labour ( 3316 total hours to date) and over 10,000 kilometres travelled between May 10th and August 3rd (32,000 kilometres in total to date).

Work began as the last of the snow melted:

moving lumber further into the forest with help from the last of the Katimavik volunteers, and friends with quads moving tons of rocks and gravel to support the bridge abutments.

In 2010, 120 feet of boardwalk was built.

In 2011, another 240 feet of boardwalk was completed.

This year, a further 420 feet of foundation and decking has been completed, leaving 720 feet more to do – with the total length of the finished boardwalk to be 1494 feet.

Thanks to McBride Community Forest Corporation, Robson Valley Construction and Rural Routes of Prince George – a pathway has been cut for these final 720 feet making the foundation work so much easier and quicker to do. The railings for these 720 feet of boardwalk will also be mounted relatively quickly.

Rural Routes also installed the beams for the 26 feet span bridge.

Work on the Special Needs outhouse completed all the underground and foundation work; the above ground structure will be installed before the end of August.

A pathway for those with mobility challenges has also been cut that will allow these visitors to access the main information sign, the toilet and the entrance to the boardwalk.

Thanks to the sponsorship, support and contributions from so many of you, the boardwalk is surely and steadily making its way to a Thanksgiving opening day.

An updated list of all contributors to this project may be seen below.

Sincerely, on behalf of the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club and the Caledonia Ramblers Trust – Friends of the Ancient Forest, thank-you!